Delmarva Hand Dancing

Hand dancing, also known as “D.C. hand dancing” or “D.C. swing”, is a form of jitterbug tracing back as far as the 1920’s.  Hand dancing derived from variations of the Lindy Hop, swing dancing, Carolina shag and jitterbug.  In the 1950’s, Washington, D.C. developed its own version and named is simply “hand dancing”.

This style of dance was featured on two of the local teen dance programs of the 1950’s and 1960’s -- Dick Clark, American Bandstand - the Milt Grant Show in D.C., as well as the Buddy Deane Show in Baltimore.  Hand dancing is characterized by gliding footwork, continuous hand connection, and communication between the dance partners.

Today, the Delmarva Hand Dancing Club continues to preserve and promote this style of dance by offering a friendly social environment where people interested in all forms of dancing can come learn and enjoy not only Hand Dancing, but good food and a place to make new friends.

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Every Wednesday  from 5:30-8:30 p.m
Elks Lodge 13708 Sinepuxent Ave.,  Ocean City, Maryland.

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